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I'm still working on my Phantom pump, waiting for some parts before I finish it the way I want.

But here's some pics of one of the 5 markers I own. This is a Qloaded A5 (those on A5OG may have seen this). Kind of a custom setup where the Qpod tucks under your arm. It looks strange, but shoulders really nicely.

I did all the custom work myself, including the stock, painting / airbrushing, and the custom fabric covers. All proudly done in Canadian CADPAT.

A5 digicamo
TechT Fang Trigger
TechT Zero Kick hammer
Madmann Red spring
X7 valve
Stiffi A5 Carbon Barrel .691
Panda86 Cadpat barrel sleeve
Panda86 Cadpat Remote line cover
Panda86 custom suppressor
Eotech 551 replica
Panda86 Cadpat Eotech cover
SO Flat top rail
SO Front grip
Customized Metadyne skeleton stock
Custom Q Loader setup
Panda86 Cadpat Q Loader hose cover
Lapco bottomline adapter
Scope ring to secure Qloader feed hose
Pro Disconnect valve for remote
Panda86 Cadpat Custom Paint job

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