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Findings on Efficiency between the CCM S6 and the T2 - Work in Progress.

This thread is open to those who want to measure the efficiency of the T2.

Also, concerning the S6 - the difference of efficiency.

I will continue to measure and post in this thread as we gain findings.

Here is an initial measurement of weight differences in the hammer:

S6 Hammer: weighs 1.55 ounces.
S6 Hammer: WITH Cocking Rod weighs: 1.95 ounces.

T2 Hammer: weighs 1.65 ounces.

The weight difference is .30 ounces or 8.5 grams.

This could cause efficiency differences.

What needs to be done:

1) Use a small tank (13 CI would be good) to measure efficiency of the T2.
2) Measure efficiency of the S6 with as many variables being the same (Barrel, Bore, Paint, Tank, and day)
3) Measure spring pressure of the T2 and the S6 (they are different springs) - a fish scale may work here.

and more.

Please feel free to contribute to the this thread.

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