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It is the same valve, Valve pin, valve spring, and IVG. The difference is in the hammer and spring.

and - it is not the weight of the hammer...

I added .5 ounces to the T2 hammer weight (it takes a cocking rod) and it did NOTHING to the efficiency that was noticable with my crude measurements.

It has to be, then, the spring. Now wouldn't you love me to tell you that you just need to buy the spring for a T2 and your S6 would be more efficient.... um no.

I dropped the T2's spring into my Six and got a LOT more effiency - because the ball was going about 2 feet. Crank in the IVG - nothing. I could have run it at a different pressure to figure that out - but I was not willing to dork with it that much.

Bill, Why doesn't the T2's spring work in the S6?

I am finding this to be hella fun! Even though I have no real answers yet - and it doesn't really matter in the long run.

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