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Avratech AV-1 Falcon, development and discussion thread

AV-1 Avratech Falcon
.68 Cal High Performance Pump Action Marker

-ultra compact and lightweight (seriously light.)
-flawless ergonomic design provides maximum control and self-aiming
-convertible vertical feed, SC feed, jam feed, etc
-proprietary floating hammer design for maximum consistency and accuracy
-rapid fire auto-trigger (as fast as you can pump it, even 10bps!)
-low turbulence valve with improved valve spring design for both low and high pressure, swap springs in seconds
-excellent performance with or without a regulator thanks to the valve and hammer design
-dual action rods, ultra low friction action
-Autococker barrel threads
-CCM Clamping Feedneck
-universal ASA (vertical or horizontal), 3 mounting positions
-precision guided springs, all stainless
-rear adjustable velocity by valve tension, does not affect the pump stroke
-quick release bolt with feed-advance chop prevention design
-hogue palm swell grips! yehawww

The price tag will be $6000 with barrel, ASA, airline, hogue palm swell grips, and CCM clamping feedneck. PS The price is a lie, you can't actually have one of these.

older pics (showing some possible colors, SC feed):

stock class:

some of the first ten prototypes:

you can PM me about any questions. thread is open to all discussion about the Falcon and Avratech product line.

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