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Opinion: best starter gun for 14 yr old newphew

My newphew just finished middle school and is starting to get into paintball (yee-hah!). Well, let me rephrase that - my sister-in-law has decided paintball isn't a bad thing and is letting him play some, and she may even let him hit a scenario game with me sometime soon. I had first thought about finishing the unibody Phantom I have (need a bolt and she's ready to go!), but thought that he may not be ready for stock/pump play yet as his friends have the typical electros and Cockers. So, what gun would ya'll recommend for him? He's a very bright young man (can't call him a kid anymore), but I don't want him to have to spend a lot of time fiddling with it instead of playing. I don't want to spend a whole lot on it, so let's say $100-150 price range. I was initially leaning towards a Tippmann 98C, some sort of Spyder/JABB, or a Mag, but wanted to get some other opinions. Thanks gang!

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