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It was an amazing day, 50+ people showed up! Great weather, but late start and but in all ended a great day.

Big thanks to Chris Hamel and Jeff Chabot for giving us the opportunity to host this event and hope to continue having more double action days and/or beer leagues =)

Big thanks to everyone who made it out:

-Glad to see Apoc and his friend come out from Maple Ridge
-Mr. Noodle, glad you made it out from the Island
-North Shore guys... Russc, Red, Josh, Bobby, Jason, Pricsilla, Shawna
-Our panther locals... Jeff, Nik, Aiden, Will, Jimmy (both of them), Brandon, Jeremy, Brayden, Tristan, Rollie, Deyvn, Killbox/Marauders

And everyone else who made it out from other places, Aaron, Ben, Raymond, Jason, Chase, Todd, IDK/Avalanche and everyone else! (Sorry if I forgot you! Just so many to name.) Thank you from the Tonsixers for coming out!

Here's some of the pictures in 2 slideshows:


"I just smashed a drinking glass next to my computer when I was swinging my barrel around just now. Now I know why you guys use 6 inch barrels D:"

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