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Micromag VA and Powerlyte mag frame ?s

I recently purchased a micromag from a member here, but it didn't come with a VA unfortunatly. I put a WTB thread for a Micromag Va up already, but figured I might as well mention it in here to see if anyone else might have one they would sell or trade. The only place I know of that sell them is PTP and they want $30 or so for it, which is a little to much for me. Anybody know of a cheaper place to buy them?

I have double finger benchmark, but don't really like it that much. I used to have an intelli frame on a mag I used to own, but I don't think I will ever find as good of a deal again($35shipped), so I probably won't be able to get one again. Second question is whether anyone knows anything about the Powerlyte mag frames. Are they any good, bad? How do they compare to an intelliframe or a benchmark? Is the trigger sloppy or long? Have much issues with shortstroking?
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