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Big bore paint for my SL

So I walk onto the field with my SL68 2, I’m ready to rock and roll. I noticed that my paint was just rolling out which tells me that the feild paint is on the small side. Anyhoo
So the game begins and I can’t hit the “Alamo” (a 30’ long by 15’ tall fort or you can just call it the side of the barn!) from 30’ away. By paint is curving up and to the sides like I have an Apex on it…… some troll wearing color coordinated paints, shirt, socks, shoes and sweat band said “man pumps suck” So I went and got my 68Carbine I lit the kid up in the next game. Back to my sad story, The SL is very accurate when I’m shooting Big Ball brand paint; the small bore stuff kills me. What other big bore paint is out there?

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