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Redux Factory's Efficiency Mods

Disclaimer: I have not had access to a chrony yet, as I got the Dux back today, so this is done via "eyeballin'."

Dux owners, I present to you a miracle!

One of the more universal complaints synonymous with the Redux was, "Why can I only get 20 shots?" Well, with the generous help from every pumper's friend Steve "mOngo" Brett, problem solved! At least for me at this point.

First, a little back story. My Redux, number R022, was always cursed with efficiency problems. At first, I got about 2 tubes at 260ish. I expected a bit more (logic told me since it was Phantom-based, it should get more [I now know better, due to the Ducks' and Duxes' design]), so I tweaked with the springing. I don't know WHAT I did, but after that point, even going back to the original springing, I couldn't even eek 20 USABLE shots out of her. After many threads asking for help and many hours trying myself to fix her, and after a few failed games, I gave up and sent her to mOngo. Shoulda done that from the start, but I kinda wanted to see if I could fix it myself. Probably not a smart thing to do with a gun that cost me $1,110.

Either way, my Redux is heading over to mOngo. After a week or so of this and that after it arrives, he says he took it to a field and tried to tune it, and thinks he figured out the problem. He suspected that if he bored out the valve chamber a bit, he thinks efficiency would go up. Kind of a bit opposite of what most 12 grammers think, but let me tell you, it worked! A few more weeks go by, and soon I get her back. I throw a 12g in there and see what happens.

Spring combo: red main, red valve, TPC backed out all the way. The velocity was so high it shredded the ball. This is a good thing to me as I had trouble getting it to 280 regardless of spring combo! I'm ecstatic! I went to tune it, but realized my spring kit was gone, so I threw my 'cocker's mainspring into the Dux. It was probably a medium 'cocker spring, but it was a few MM shorter than the Phantom springs, so I'd call it a light Phantom spring, or just a bit heavier than that.

Now, since I didn't have the proper springing, I did the best with what I had. I turned the TPC in all the way, until it smacked the valve on the pump stroke, then backed it out a bit. With the red valve spring and a medium-ish 'cocker spring, TPC turned in, I guesstimated she was shooting at 230-240 FPS. Probably good enough to do an efficiency test. I used a .684 Freak insert and rather old paint.

Here's the fun part: I got 4 tubes out of one 12ie at about that velocity! An eyeballed breakdown: just south of 30 shots at full velocity, and started dying during the 4th tube. But I didn't get the "your 12ie is empty" valve fart until a few shots after the end of the 4th tube, so it was still going! If I had proper Phantom springs, and a chance to tune her at a chrono, I guesstimate I could eek out probably 25 shots at full velocity (260-275 is my preferred velocity), and easily get 3 usable tubes of paint! I can't wait to get official results, of which I'll update this thread with. I need to get a new spring kit first.

Side note: I also had a problem with the cup seals stripping out on mine. Steve popped a new Delrin/brass hybrid one on mine that is supposed to remedy this. I'm not touching it, but we'll see what it's capable of!


Valve boring:

Cup seal:

My purty Redux (full pics are ALWAYS necessary):

Wouldn't you really rather have a Buick?

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