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GZ Intimidator with clamshell added

I couldn't find a suitable forum in "The Armory" section as there is no Bob Long forum yet, so I'm posting this here. My GZ Intimidator originally had the GZ frame with all match-anodizing. I've always wanted a clamshell and I think it looks much better now. I found this silver/black fade grip frame on PBNation from someone parting out a 2k2 Timmy, and I swapped all the internal parts and added it to my GZ. Surprisingly, the colors seem to work pretty well without even changing the anodized color on the frame! I'm using a WAS 2.7 inside with the LED in the grip (I don't have the correct wiring harness that connects the membrane pad, but the LCD connects. So, I program everything by the trigger, but the LCD still shows my number of shots/game timer/voltage, even though I can't program it through the LCD). My only difficulty has been the trigger: I am using a custom trigger originally made for the GZ (apparently GZ triggers are different than the others), a Mythic ‘Pride’ trigger. I am also using the original trigger retaining screw. I inserted the trigger and tighten down the screw, but at a certain point, it tightens on the trigger, and won’t all it to move. I can leave the screw loose and it works fine, but eventually it comes loose. Does anyone sell trigger retaining screws for 2k2 models? Or are the screws all the same length, and I need a different (thinner width) trigger? Thanks, enjoy the pictures!

Original frame and color:

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