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Marker silhouette recognition game

One of the "what is it" threads brought up an idea for a fun game. Have you ever seen those old enemy recognition flash cards in a WW2 movie where ships or planes are shown in silhouette, and you have to guess what the picture represents? It might be fun to do that with odd or rare paintball guns.

The rules are simple:

Post your guess. You have to have the name of the marker and the manufacturer.

The first right guess is the winner, and gets to choose the next silhouette. If you win and can't make a silhouette of your own I'll be happy to do so if you send me the picture you'd like to use.

I'll start off the game with an old one.

Guess Away! First to guess wins boundless street cred, bragging rights, and the Official PaintBall City "No-Prize"
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