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Originally Posted by gunrunner View Post
All of my carters had auto triggers straight from Earon, I would think that it was the original sear. What kind of threads are on the barrel? The older ones were Carter/taso threads and the newer were cocker threads. Another question is how many holes are in the power tube? The older ones had three and then he went to the two holes later which in my opinion were not as good.
1. The gun would not fire with the pump in the full forward position. The trigger plate would not contact the sear. You had to pull the pump back 3/16" before it would hit. There is no wear on the side slot, so it is not hogged out so the hammer/bolt was going too far forward. The bolt tip was just seating in the end of the barrel. Also, this is my second Buzzard, the first was not set up to auto trigger either.

2. The barrel does not appear to be Cocker threaded. It won't fit in my Cockers, and the Cocker barrels would not fit in the Buzzard. Here is a picture, the TPI seems to be different. The Cocker barrel will not fit into the Buzzard breech, it's OD is too large to allow it to slide in.

3. The power tube has two holes......

Thanks for all the help guys!

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