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just saw this thread, i love how the sm1 feels, love the milling, its way lighter than my azodin kaos pump, nice short stroke and great trigger feel on the sm1, i got the stainless steel rods on mine, just got my apex sanchez machine barrel with .686 back and now i got my winchester pocket hopper with my ninja 13/3000 so marker is really light. will try it out next week with my new setup. caspers review on both sold me to get the sm1 because i was really looking into the t2. everytime i use the sm1 people ask to see it cuz they here so much about the sm1 but never see them. i love the fact that my gun seems rare. alot of pumpers around me have the s6 or the t2 and when they see the sm1 they want to test it out and i got great feedback so far. i dont regret buying my sm1, its priced real well and i have spoke to luis sanchez a couple of times and does what he can and he ships real fast. all sanchez machine markers have a lifetime warranty like ccm but ccm has superior customer service i hear. i like the tactical look and the sm1 is milled to have that look. its really personal preference but im happy with my purchase.
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