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Bought a phantom from him. Was very patient while i moved some money around so i could pay for it. It was avertised as being in "great shape", unfortunately the phantom was not in working condition when i received it. After a little work, i got it into a functioning state. The big issue with the phantom he sold me was that the internals were a mix and match of old and new parts. This was something that was not mentioned at all during negotiations. Since there are two different style parts in the phantom, it is horribly inefficient and just about useless. I sent him a message asking to be compensated enough to purchase updated internals for the phantom, but even after two weeks and indications of him being active, i received no reply. I really would not have any problems with the transaction if i was refunded the price of the parts needed. But as it stands now, i am rather unsatisfied since i paid for a phantom that was in "great shape" and received a non-working/poor-performing marker.
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