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Open Source Paintball Gun

I'm heading off to Castle today, but I wanted to throw this out there and get people thinking.

I want to build an open source semi auto paintball gun. For the players by the players. To bring a "spark" back into the paintball world. A medium priced paintball gun that can be built by us, sold to ourselves for basically the cost plus some extra for future projects in this open source company of ours.

When I say open source, I mean we post all the cad drawings, dimensions, etc. This will allow 3rd party companies to create upgrades and new components. Bringing sales to 3rd party companies and new companies that don't exist yet!

This will also bring work to people on the site already who might be interested in doing a run of grip frames, milling a body... etc.

Not wanting to step on any toes, I've been trying to put some thought into this. We have pump guns galore around here. I'm thinking an electro semi. And I'm thinking something along the lines of a Threshold / Ion style. They're simple.

But I want to throw this out there, and see what people think. Is this even feasible? Do we have the resources and connections around here to do this? Would people even be interested?

Innovation has all been killed in this sport with the thought of making millions. But the truth is, there are a lot of companies going out of business. Like the tech bubble of the early 2000 years, it's just not really there.

So why can't we make something that we can enjoy, use, and know that we either had a hand in putting together, or know we're helping our friends.


In the end, we find out where we can make part x. Post how much it will cost. We add up all the costs, and we tack on 25 or 50 dollars and sell the gun for that price.

The extra $50 will be put aside (and we'll keep a tally of it) and that money will be used for further research or seed money for the next project or for paying for the next batch, etc.

Depending on the cost and feasibility, I'll help front the cost. I also have a few local machine shops, but so don't most of us.

Keep this internal or at least very close by. Get it done fast and reasonable.

I think it's possible, and could be very fun, if at the least interesting.

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