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Don't know if this has been disscussed already and if it has i'm sorry.
What barrel/ or barrels do people use with your illusion. I find that i'm having a rubbing issue with most of the barrels on the pump handle. Any insight on this would be much appreciated
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barrel fit

Since no one is replying to your barrel question. I can only tell you what I did and why. Having cocker barrels of my own I found it silly to say the least, to buy more of the same kind of barrel that I could not find, meaning it is hard to find narrow barrels , at least it was when I first got my Illusion. So , I filed the cocking handle, I think I took it off when I did it, and now I have greater freedom of which barrels to use. I filed out the radius, that is where mine was rubbing the barrel. If you do not want to go that way, I think a carbon fiber barrel might give you clearance, but I would check before I buy. I ended up using the original barrel, when I play with it now. It comes down to paint, paint , paint. Barrels help fine tune your shooting, but it is always the paint. I used to play all the time with my mag pump, chonic was the best, you could think it and it would happen, at mid field it was not uncommon to hit the top of some ones head if it was sticking out a little bit with one or two shots. Then the a-holes in the industry went to solid filler, and that is OK if it is fresh, which it never is. Solid filler settles at the bottom of the paint ball and solidifies. Then you are screwed, because that out of balance ball will fly like a wheel out of balance, good luck to shooting straight. A couple of years ago we bought 50 cases of that top level Draxxus crap and you could bet your life that it would not hit what you were shooting at, it was freaking unbelievable. The barrel that came with my marker is not bad , it is the paint and if you play some where where they have field only paint, you can kind of work around it by changing barrels, but in the end it is the paint, not the gun ( providing it releases out the same amount of air with each shot and is in over all good condition). I do not think any one who loves the sport would buy solid filler paint, after getting burned several times we only buy oil filler paint, nelsen is acceptable. When you buy crappy products, then that product effects the industry, I see it as less quality for the player and you know what that means, something to think about. I just went down stairs and check my illusion to see what barrels will fit it, it will fit the freak backs, the Karnvors barrel, and couple others I have, they all work. So, if your illusion is like mine, it might work if the handle is filed down. Anyone who has played a while knows paint is not a sure thing, I have explained why I think solid filler sucks for me. My two cents, I am not telling you what to think or do, just my experience, hope you can make some use of it..
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Mine sports the old style freak. This helps with roll outs. I thought the stock barrel was very good, I also ran a boom stick that it really liked, unfortunately I lost that. Honestly the Dye barrel wasn't that much better then the stock. I also had good results with the Smart Parts Progressive. I don't think a newer freak would fit with out modification.
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Zero barrel is a perfect fit on mine. Better than a deadlywind.
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