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Ok, revisiting this.
I should add a poll somehow, and see what people want.
1. An exact copy, but in a harder metal like brass.
2. A high flow variant that takes the existing cup seal.
3. Something similar to the RAT 2 valve, with a reversed seal design for better flow and durability, but that requires a new valve stem too.
4. Something crazy and a little bit new - I design superchargers, so I can usually do a good job figuring out air movement, but there's inherent risk in New.

I'm obviously pitting the low pressure crowd against the stock pressure crowd.
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I would be okay with 1, 2, or 3. I still have the stock valve in mine. I'm not looking for anything specific, but replacement parts if I ever wear mine out. A valve that takes standard cup seals would be nice.
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Yeah i think something with available parts would be a great idea
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I'm good with 1, 2 or 3 as well. My valve is currently fine so it would be a future spare if needed. Sized with high flow and to use a cocker valve stem would be ideal.
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