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Dumbest move of the year

To make a long story short I was a complete idiot and managed to break the thumb screw off into my x-valve. The screw broke off inside the threaded portion, so how is the best way to remove this screw hopefully without to much cost.
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Honestly, give Tunaman a buzz. If anyone can do it right, it is him.

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As in the threadings intact inside and the broken screw is IN??? Depending on how tight you put it in, you MAY be able to take a smaller lefty tighty screw and put it in. By tightening it all the way to left and keep on going, it could force the broken part to turn out. Did that once, but not on a mag. Dunno, just my 2 cents.
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If it were a classic valve (stainless, and thus more forgiving), I would suggest getting a GOOD, small (smaller than the diameter of the thumbscrew shank), drill bit, drilling into the CENTER of the portion that's stuck in the valve, and using a screw extractor that corresponds with said drill bit, and thusly removing aforementioned broken thumbscrew with a total cost of about $20 on the high side (assuming you have a drill press, and buy the smallest extractor you can BEFORE buying the bit).

However, since what you are dealing with is an x-valve (aluminum and touchy), I cannot, in confidence, recommend it (mostly because I don't believe my hand would be steady enough to do it). If you were to take it to a machine shop, though, that's exactly what they would do.

What it comes down to is how much confidence you have in yourself. Good luck!
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more gooder
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left handed drill bit in a drill press. go slowly
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Since I do not have a drill press I have gone the rout of contacting Tunaman a buzz
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I did the same thing to my Classic valve, since I have no access to machining tools, I just sold it.
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There are screw extractors you can use or do the reverse drill bit method. The screw doesn't bottom out inside the valve so it should be loose in the threads. What makes it go tight is the rubber washer on the screw head mating on the back of the grip frame. You might be able to get a scribe or any tool with a point and back it out by scraping it in a CC wise direction.

Next time don't tighten it so much. Finger tight is the rule of thumb.
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Find someone with experience to take it out...stuff like this happens all the time. They makes "e-z outs" for this specific purpose. Any machinist worth his salt can do it.
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ez out, or super glue and a sacrificial allen wrench?
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