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Deal or no deal?

-- Automag with black X valve and level 10 bolt, brand new chrome Mini-Mag body, and brand new Logic ULE rail. It also has an Autococker barrel adaptor and brand new AIM barrel kit. The kit comes with 3 different size mids and 4.5", 6.5", and 8.5" fronts.

-- Automag with custom vert feed body clamping neck.

-- Automag with powerfeed left body and chrome double trigger grip frame.

-- Automag with Mini-Mag body. Feed neck was cut off to turn it into a vert feed body. Needs finished.

-- Crossfire 68 cubic inch 4500 psi tank with HP Air America Apocolypse adjustable regulator and DYE rhino cover.

-- Carelton 47 cubic inch 4500 psi peanut tank with HP regulator.

-- Aluminum 47 cubic inch 3000 psi tank with HP regulator.

-- Two 12" DYE Boomsticks. One vert feed and one right/left feed.

-- Smart Parts Freak barrel with 6" front.

-- Stainless steel ported barrel. (no idea what brand)

-- Evo II Egg hopper. clear.

-- All tanks need Hydro tests

All for a grand total of $650 shipped.

I should get it all by sometime next week. I already have a ULE'd mag with lvl 10 bolt (that needs to be tuned). and I have a complete stock Automag68. But I will probably be mixing and matching and making a perfect one for myself, and selling the rest.

(have some pictures but too big to upload, will post em tomorrow)
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Sounds like a pretty good deal. Depending on the frames, condition, etc. it might be a great deal.

What are you going to do with all those mags?
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the x-minimag alone is worth 1/3 to 1/2 of the cost .
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After this I will have 6 complete mags. I will probably set one up with the ULE body I bought from AGD, with the x-valve and ULE logic body. Then set the chrome mini mag up with the lvl 10 I have and the chrome double trigger I may or may not keep the minimag. But I will probably sell them all off trying to recuperate the cost of all this.
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