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I broke out the calipers tonight, broke down my X-valve, and cross-checked with McMaster-Carr. I'm pretty sure I've got these right:

Power Tube (on/off bottom) O-rings - 010
Reg. Piston O-ring - 012
Reg. Seat O-rings - 008
Reg. Body O-ring - 017
RT On/Off Small O-rings - 004
Reg. Valve Pin O-rings - 006

L10 Carrier o-ring - 008
Reg. nut (barrel) o-ring - 017 or 018
Teflon on/off o-ring - 006 (PTFE)
Emag Quad O-ring - 006 (0.070" width, Buna-N)
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Just wanted to add that I broke down my Retro Valve last night and it seems to match up with what is listed for the RT Valve.

Has anyone had any luck finding the Polyurethane -004 90A o ring needed in the on/off for the RT/Retro valve? McMaster-Carr has it in 70A, but not 90A. When I do a full rebuild in the next few days I am going to try the 70A version and see how that holds up. I am also going to try an off the shelf bolt bumper. I'll post up if it works or not and what I used.
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While the over all sizes maybe right AGD does special spec o-rings from the manufacture so say you want a 006 standard you can get them +/- .003 or +/- .001 etc for a tighter control. AGD does this with several o-rings, this isn't to say you may not get some that work from standard batch but I would expect more failures that success.

Also they use spec order materials. Non standard ( for paintball ) but are used in other industries. They did this for wear and performance reason.

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What's special order about the materials used? Are they not PTFE for the classic on/off top o-ring, buna-N for the Emag quad o-ring, and 90 durometer urethane for everything else?
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RT classic reg body oring is 017 not 018 as listed in original post.
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Any Specs on Sydarm?
More specificly the 12 Gram seal.
It's a X2 for sure
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