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Electro Pnumatic Kit video!!!

O friend of mine In NH made this kit himself. He put like 5 months of work on it and ive got to tell you it rips!!!

This is a paste in from the AO. If you are a member there,... you can search the original link out.

As some of you may know,.. I have been building a new bolt on kit for the AGD marker line.

Well Im done! And its by far the fastest LEGAL marker I have ever fired!

A member sound tested my videos and posted the ROF based against a 2006 Shocker as well as the AGD R/T.

My kit: 23BPS!


Okay Guys,.. you wanted to see it,.. you got it!

I spent the day with family ripping down some parts of the house which left tonight as the night we would build an EP Kit for your viewing pleasure.

Jay8541 sent me a Storm Walk to test the kit out in, and we are going to test it in EVERY combination possible.

**It pretty late and I have to be up early,.. so there are going to be a few videos uploaded later on. But these few should get your started. Check back after the 25th of April as I should have some new footage.**

First up was an intro video where we used the following setup:

Classic R/T twist lock body cut to take a standard valve from AGD
R/T on-off
DYE 10" SS barrel
Some type of rail Jay sent me (looks like an E-Mag rail thats been ULE'ed)
E-Mag Sear w/o trigger pin
25g Micro Switch Trigger
Proto-type ram
Proto-type noid
Proto-type board
9volt battery
Externally mounted KAPP LPR
Preset 800psi HPA bottle
Storm Walk Frame
,..... and some electrical tape to hold it in! (Pannels are almost done!)

First string of shots was as fast as that valve will go. Its older,.. but it seemed to fire okay.

The second string of shots was 15-20bps ramp. This is slower than what we set the Shocker at in the second video.

First EP Kit Video

Putfile - EP Kit Dry Fire Demo


Second video is of a speed comparison of a 2006 Smart Parts Shocker set on fast ramp 20bps with the stock board against the EP Kit with uncapped ROF.

EP Kit v.s. 2006 Shocker SFT

Putfile - EP Kit vs 06 Shocker


Third video is the speed against a custom R/T I built for my brother. Input was at 950psi.
When I jack the pressure above that, it gets out of control! This R/T has been clocked up to 30bps! We re-set the level 10 2 days ago and lowered the input pressure so the super bolt would work properly. Its about 20ish now.

The skips you hear in the shot strings are what happens with the level 10 installed after the input pressure for the valve drops below 600psi at high ROF. Just after that video string,.. the gun ran out of air.

Custom R/T v.s. EP Kit

Putfile - EP Kit vs Custom RT


I have some blooper videos of the that night when we were testing the camera and I was building the gun and installing the kit. I started about 6 EST and got the video working about 12 EST,... thats 6 hours to build a custom kit in a cutsom frame on a custom body and working on the first try. (pat myself on the back)

I havent heard much from Clippard as of when part proto-types are due, but I am working on other replacements for them just in case.

As you can see in the video,.... the pieces Im using work alright.

At Tunaball, Scott (BigEvil) and Jay (Jay8541) will be running the kits to test the boards in game format. If you like what you see, talk to Jay about these frames!!!! I start in on my completely internal kit and I will post video as soon as they are done.
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Thats very cool and I love how that frame looks.
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yeah i cant wait for him to make a couple so i can buy one.
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Better get on it, he has the preorder up on AO, and he is only making 30 IIRC, and there will not be another run.

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