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'Classic' classic valve rumor


Time for the big pointy thinking caps.

I've heard a hazy rumor floating around that the newer style one-star 'Classic' classic valves were actually rebuilds of inventoried rental valves.

The questions:

1. Is this true?
2. If it is true, any clue as to what the net effect is in terms of function? In other words, clearly the rental valves were inferior, esp. in the PT area, but would bringing them back into circulation simply mean status quo (i.e., just doing the PT reboring), or possibly, owing to the time lapse, possibly amount to some better upgrades in terms of the way the power tube and possibly the valve would have been redone?

Seems AGD was constantly making little adjustments, so if these are refurbs of rentals, it isn't unreasonable to assume there might be some (improved) differences between them and the older classics. Maybe.

Thanks as ever.
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Never heard of it.
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i think if that if that was partially true they would have melted them down and then remade them for the reason alone.
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The rental valves don't work with the level 10 bolts while all the classic valves do. It's possible that AGD used old valves that people traded in for classic valves, but the powertubes and other parts would have been replaced. Every level 7 is the same for the most part. Some early ones might have a slightly smaller dump chamber but nothing very noticeable.
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Rental valves are not actually inferior. Some are only etched differently. Some have a smaller hole where the power tube o-ring sits. Level 10 bolts don't work with the small hole because they have a longer stem. If you drill the small hole out to the standard size, it's all the same. Polish up a rental valve and I don't think you can tell the difference at all.

I've never heard of anyone getting a new classic valve that was restricted, or with rental rash, so I'm "septical".
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