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Mag won't fire

My classic mag does not want to fire. It worked fine last time I used it, but now it seems the trigger is not pushing the sear for enough. It's hitting the back of the grip frame, I can't make the rod any longer, It will fire without the frame on though. Is the pin from the valve not coming down far enough?


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If you haven't touched anything since it last worked, chances are the sear is dis-engaging & something else is wrong. There's supposed to be a bit of clearance between the back of the trigger & the sear rod so if your rod is adjusted all the way fwd it should be ok. You can always pull the valve out and check to see the sear is going down far enough.
If you don't have enough pressure going into it it will be reluctant to fire.
W/a lvl 7 bolt it will most likely chuff or not cycle the bolt all the way forward unless the pressure is really low but if yours has a level 10 bolt it will be much more sensitive to pressure.
-Check your tank isn't empty
If you have a lvl 10 bolt also try:
-Increasing the velocity as this will increase the pressure in the dump chamber & therefore the fwd pressure on the bolt.
-Lube the power tube o-ring
-try changing to a weaker spring.

Also, the lvl 10 bolt is a bit bigger in diameter than the lvl 7 so if you changed barrels it's possible that the bolt is catching on the inside of the barrel - test w/o a barrel
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I just bought a Mag and can't wait to get it. Thanks for the great info!
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be sure to oil it greatly, several drops in the asa and air it up, make sure the tank is hp 800+ and not below 1000 psi left in tank

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