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Emag noob questions

Hi guys,

So, I decided suddenly that I absolutely must have an Emag.

I just picked up some lowers. Board works, battery works, and it's basically in stock trim.

I want to build a marker around these lowers. I'm partial to the mm2k9 bodies, since my mech pneumag is an mm2k9 and I like the idea of twins. Plus they really are phenomenal bodies, and I don't want to have to use a rail if it's not necessary.

Now, on to the actual questions. I'll break this up into two parts.

** Part 1 - What all will I need, aside from the lowers and an mm2k9 body kit, to make a fully functioning Emag? Here's what I'm tracking:
- XValve
- Level 10 bolt
What else?

** Part 2 - What are the upgrade options for the Emag? Specifically, I'm thinking the lowers, but if there's something gnarly I can do anywhere else, I'm all ears. Here's what I'm tracking:
- ULE Milling from Luke
- XMod 1.8 upgrade (although I heard some folks may be developing a new board?)
- Battery upgrade (please help with this!!)

What about eyes, decent panels, etc? Thanks. Form AND function here guys
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New battery can be had from AGD or on AO there is a new and supposedly better version done by another guy.

lots like getting the frame ule by luke, who always does great work. Tracy at PTP just posted that she has 2k9 bodies left in dust black. Luke also does some awesome panels for them. Only guy I know of that does xmod is tuna and maybe bigevil.
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If you pickup an mm2k9 body without the emag front block hit me up, I've got one I won't be using!

Edit: ohh yea... Questions lol. You would have everything you need with complete emag lowers, an mm2k9 body, an xvalve and assorted air parts... Asa ect.
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The board thing might be tricky. I was in your shoes last year and I just found a guy willing to sell an Xmod lower. If you want to upgrade your AGD board, your best bet is to get in on this: Automags.Org Online Forums - New E-Mag/X-Mag board!!!!!!

The new battery guy has been awol for awhile, but if you're handy all you really need is 14 rechargeable AAA batteries. Glue or tape them together in the right sequence and that's essentially what's in the AGD battery.
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