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Originally Posted by REIfire66 View Post
Thank you James. I will look into the level 10 bolt for sure!

Also, does anyone make nice hard lines specific to MicroMag? I remember reading something about one that allowed to retain pressure up to the valve, so you didn't lose much air if needing to field strip...ring any bells?

Thanks again!
I think you're thinking of the old retro mags with the hardlines, gas thru grip/rail and banjo bolt? Never knew there was ever a model/feature that allowed one to field strip the gun under pressure, but that sounds like a pretty cool idea/nifty feature. I miss my old fx/micro-splash 68 mag
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I don't know if they ever made any hardlines specific to the Micromag itself, but eclipse and a couple other places used to make them for standard mags/minimags. You could still get someone like Doc to make you one, or maybe just modify an RT one if you have the tools.

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This is a bit of a necro post I guess but I was wondering how its working out for you? I just bought a 2000 micro and want to make it my main gun (my other gun is a Metadyne Thumper so I apparently like odd things) and it was sitting for a few years according to the seller. I just want to get a view of these guns from a modern perspective and from someone that is new to them like I am. Thanks! Also, it looks great!
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