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Riot 10-30-2012 12:25 AM

Price guide question
Let me start by saying I've never owned a AGD before. I have recently starting looking at them, pretty much for fun. However, I have fallen in like with a lot of the "mini-mags."

Let me get to my point...

condition aside, I seem to find a lot of the markers (classic and mini) at all different price ranges, I'm talking hundreds. People are telling stories about how they picked up their mag for $60, but then I see them on eBay for hundreds... Are these people just super lucky? Is there a certain thing I'm missing? What is the average price for a micromag(I saw them in the thread above about anno))

Im just curious, any information on the markers (price and otherwise) would be great. I also really enjoyed the thread that blatantly told us this is why you want thing marker! Need more like that!

adam45 10-30-2012 03:05 AM

If you want a decent idea of the value of a used marker go to the Blue book here >

MCB Paintball - Paintball's Official Blue Book

Ebay is for well informed buyers. If you must go to Ebay be patient. Like any other auction house the prices reflect the ignorance of the patrons. Decide ahead of bidding what your maximum bid will be and stick to it. If you dont get the item you wanted theres another just around the corner, probably at a better price.

The buy and sells on sites dedicated to paintball have pricing that better reflects the going rates for paintball equipment. Even the Blue book is not 100% current and as far as AGD products are concerned I find the Blue book a bit high.

Good luck in your search.

senghing27 10-30-2012 03:45 AM

Nope, you're not crazy.

Pricing is a weird topic. There is no true regulation in the paintball market, so you will see wide swings in prices and just timing issues.

For example, yes, you can find an automag for $50 and what not. On eBay it may be around $100.

The best way to figure out pricing is to search the old threads and what they are listed for. The bluebook is nice to have, but it isn't up to date and it is mostly generalities. Context and condition are factors to consider when looking at prices.

For example, take a automag/minimag classic. Classic valve, single trigger frame, and in ok condition maybe sells for $50.

Compare to say an automag/minimag. It has a retro valve or a classic valve with level 10 bolt. Double trigger, etc,etc.
Well the price would be higher than your base mag.

Lastly, some people list things at really high prices.
"I bought my automag blah blah blah back in the day for $1000, I'm listing it on ebay for $800 after 12 years...."

Basically in my mind here's the pricing scheme.
Classic Mag, no frills $55-100
RT Mags $150-200
PneuMags with say an X-Valve -$300ish
Emags - $350ish and up
Xmags - $600+
Really custom mags, CNC, Euros, etc. $?

Dusty Bottoms 10-30-2012 07:58 AM

senghing's prices are pretty spot on to me. Of course, rarity of accessories and options also complicates things as well. A classic or Minimag with a complete splash ano kit will fetch much more than a stock looking one. Centerfeed body Minimags and Euro-feed Classic RT's also command more than regular versions of those guns because of the rarity of those body styles. Now there is also a plethora of different aftermarket rails and trigger frames that can also change the price from that of a 'normal' mag. Condition is also important, because if you find two Minimags in stock form, but one sat in a closet practically unused for 10+ years and the other was played hard with I would pay more for the unused one of course cause it will be in much better condition.

Often times, you will also find sellers online who have been out of the game for years and don't realize how low the resale is on paintball guns nowadays. They dropped $600 for a bone stock Minimag in '96 or over $1000 on a pimped out splash one and still expect to get most of that money back.. That ain't happening. Usually the market will correct them.

It's harder to get really good deals on respectable forums like MCB and Automag Org, because most guys know the market and pricing. It's a little easier on PBN were your dealing with under-age dummies who know very little. You can get some crazy deals on Craigslist if you look hard. You find people selling stuff they just want gone and don't care what they get for it. Thats also were you can find lots of nice condition 'closet guns' that just sat in storage forever and aren't banged up. You have to be carefull werever you shop online though, and you are taking a chance buying that way. I've never worried about dealing with people here or on AO but you never know.

Riot 10-30-2012 09:51 AM

Interesting, thanks guys!
I realized that most markers are like that but for whatever reason automags seem like they vary way more. I'm not actively looking but if a nice splashed minimag pops up...who knows. ;p

OPBN 10-30-2012 11:37 AM

You can find deals here and there. I did actually pick up a complete nearly stock Automag a couple of weeks ago for $60 shipped. I've actually picked up a couple at this price along the way, but understand I am on the forums A LOT. Most Mags on Ebay get bid up pretty quickly and I would guess rarely sell for less than $100. Honestly, if you are looking for something specific, you might be better off just building what you want from scratch. Most times people buy a stock Mag and then replace the frame. Couple of weeks later, they decide to buy a Retro or X valve for it and then start looking at ULE bodies. Next thing you know, they have replaced everything on the marker excepting the rail, sear and a few screws. So in the end, not only did they buy a complete Mag, but they replaced nearly all of the parts and now have an almost complete second marker.

I also want to note in your post, the you mention Automags, MiniMags and MicroMags. These are three different bodies essentially. The Automag and MiniMag share everything except the body. The AM has the shorter SS body that ends at about the end of the rail, and the MiniMag has the SS body that is longer and has the "vent" slots milled in the front. The MM bodies typically sell for about $20-30 more than a standard AM body, thus the pricing difference between the two. MM's sell for $110+ usually.

The MicroMag is unibody that has a one piece rail and body. These bodies were produced by PTP. These typically go for quite a bit more than a standard AM or MM.

Here are pics of all three:

Automag with aftermarket frame and barrel:

I don't have a stock MiniMag, but here is a PumpMag with a Centerfeed MM body:

Nickel plated Micromag with aftermarket foregrip and Intelliframe:

Justus 10-30-2012 11:51 AM

For one thing, describing an Automag accurately is tedious.

Football analogy:

Saying that an Automag should go for $100 is like saying a football team should run a play.

Saying that a minty Classic 68 'Mag with Benchmark rail and Intelliframe, Level 10 bolt and CP on/off ASA should go for $200 is like saying that same football team should run "Flip right, double-X, Jet, 36 counter, naked waggle, X-7, X-quarter."

A lot more detail is needed to accurately describe what a marker has, and the composition combined with the demand for any certain part will dictate the market price. It's not something you can pick up in a few minutes. You need to browse some threads. The problem with thread browsing is that you also need to see some items being sold, because a lot of people take down their asking prices once something's sold and that makes it harder to gauge the market.

No Mercy Ever 10-30-2012 12:12 PM

Honestly, I tend to find the best deals for Mags through Craigslist. I have picked up stuff local to me for minimal prices, with no shipping involved.

Riot 10-30-2012 01:32 PM

Thanks guys!
This forum is proving to be the most friendly and useful for general information!
I really liked the micromags in the anno thread. Thanks for showing the differences with pics!

Ando 10-30-2012 01:48 PM

Are we really determining price, actual price on Craigslist buys? It's Craigslist, you're going to find $50 deals on classics there. I almost had a $1500 NIB XMag for $300 but the guys wife (which bought it for him) found out and said no before money changed.

A SS classic valve alone usually goes for $50. Price is determined by the seller and what a person is wanting to spend. There are rails that demand $100+. Body rail/combos for $300-400.

If you can find a mag at $50, go for it. I'd go for it too.

Craigslist is a good place to find deals but don't mistaken it for actual prices.

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