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Yes, that is a joke ---->
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First read about them online in spring 2004. First saw one in person when I bought my first mag in summer 2004. Didn't get to shoot it until 2005, since it came in pieces from AGD and the raw body was sent to deadlywind.
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Based on the parts of my life I can remember...

It would have been 1989/Early 1990, and, I think it was Tom Kaye, there was a demo of a new marker at my local field (Can't remember if it was VA Adventure Games or Ultimate Adventure)

The salesman passed the marker around and allowed us to play a game with it. I pestered him about a price, and a figure of $800 was tossed down (I figure he thought that was enough to get me to STFU and leave hime be... ) Unbeknownst to him, I happened to have a rather large sum of cash from a bunch of paychecks in my pocket... I shelled out eight 100 dollar bills and the Mag came home with me...

Serial number CF00230 has been with me ever since.


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I see dead people
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Originally Posted by need4reebs View Post

Shoot me a text fou!
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Back in 2005 a guy I knew at the field brought his emag and I thought it was a strange odd gun
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Closer to home.....
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Back in '94 when guys started showing up at my local PB place lighting it up. Wanted one ever since... now I have 3!

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Mine wasn't all that long ago really. I first remember seeing a tac one offered as the base for the longbow. Due to the cost I shied away. Later I saw someone post up a pic of a slightly modded Mag with a vert feed mod and intelliframe. I really liked the clean lines and simplicity of the marker. At first I really didn't realize it was an Automag. Only after inquiring what it was did I find out and go seeking more info. I ended up bidding on a package deal on eBay that I won. It was all downhill from there.

Last edited by OPBN; 12-05-2012 at 10:35 AM. Reason: orignal post from Iphone and autocorrect made my marker sound like an alcoholic
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Saw one of the early mags being shot in the UK around 1991

Most of our team were using LVL7 Mags or Autocockers from 1993 onwards
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sometime around 91-92, whenever it was that they had just come out. We had a 5 man league team and one of our guys saved up and bought one brand new. IT had to get sent back several time for repair and upgrade, but eventually it started working pretty well, and since we were restricted to no more than two semis per team (league rules) it deffinately became the heavy hitter of our team. I think our other semi was a rented VM68. I remember being impressed with the size and the fact that it was so streamlined. I remember the ring after each shot of the crown point barrel and that Mike was using o-rings over the tip to try and stop it from ringing.
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The Franchise
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Had my first mag in mid 90s. An advertisement in APG magazine with Oh Pawlak comes to mind. Before that, I shot a Tippy, PMI3, and old school phantoms
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