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jellyghost 12-14-2012 11:38 PM

AGD Velocity Adjusting nut frozen
I have been trying to fix my automag classic. There is an audible leak near the regulator, and the velocity adjusting nut will not turn. So I cannot get inside the regulator. How do I get the the velocity adjusting nut to loosen up?
I have been watching the youtube video of Tom Kaye, and he says there is supposed to be some grease on the velocity adjustment to prevent binding. The grease appears to be gone. Need some help.

need4reebs 12-15-2012 12:00 AM

is it the stock adjusting nut? pics?

jellyghost 12-15-2012 12:02 AM

I am pretty sure it is stock, and I will work on getting a pic.

need4reebs 12-15-2012 12:05 AM

so it wont turn at all? loosen or tighten?

jellyghost 12-15-2012 12:12 AM

Will not turn at all. I have been trying to grip the reg with gloves and I can get a little slip to tighten it, but it is just temporary and rebinds.

need4reebs 12-15-2012 12:18 AM

maybe put a few drops of oil around the adjustment nut..might loosen it up a little? is it still aired up???

jellyghost 12-15-2012 12:20 AM

It is not aired up, and I have been sitting it with some oil on it.

need4reebs 12-15-2012 12:25 AM

try a lil heat after cleaning the oil off?

jellyghost 12-15-2012 12:37 AM

It came off! May have ruined an allen wrench though.

need4reebs 12-15-2012 12:59 AM

better the allen wrench than the valve? good to hear tha problem is fixed!

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