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Semi-related question: had his board been fried, what board alternative would he have? Has anyone gotten an Emag to work with something like the Scenario Dreams UTB?

I, pessimistically, hold out little faith for the other boards that have been proposed for the Emag on AO.
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If the board gets fried, send it off to be repaired. That's the best option.

I've seen the other possibilities but, IMO, none of them are as elegant as the original Emag electronics with the LED read-out.
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in for info. I need to get my emag working too.
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when I got my emag electronics to work it was the magnets in the trigger that was messing it up. I just set those as far in as I could and then slowly pushed them back out til the board turned off. after it turns off just pull it back in alittle and there you go.
and I can say ive never had so much fun shooting a gun til I got the electronics working in my emag
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anyone know how to verify a weak noid? My battery is new in the last couple years currently 18.2volts and the noid clicks but has problems tripping the sear. When I first put in the new battery a couple years ago the gun would work, but had problems firing in emode without first shooting in manual mode. now I can't seem to get emode at all.
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contact BigEvil either here or on AO, or Tunaman on AO. in fact, for the most part, the people here on MCB, are on so go there and get a hold of either of them, and they can/will check out the gun and get it working properly.
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I repair e-mag boards - pm me if interested.

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