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Build or buy ?

I got my 1st Mag a classic pf left an twist lock barrell.

I want a R/T , X valved, cocker threaded, and lft. or rt. feed, 15ish BPS MAG.

Its been suggested to me to just buy a new/used Mag set up the way i want it. Instead of upgrading my classic.

Your OPINIONS please, FOG
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By the time you "upgrade" your classic you end up with 2 complete seperate guns.

Buy a cheap automag with an X valve and ULE body and then add things like your favorite style rail.

Keep or sell the classic, almost none of it will be used on an X valved mag.
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Use it like is, spend your money on paint, and upgrade your skills. Then you won't need a 15ish BPS mag.

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good twist lock barrels can be had for cheaper than cocker barrels.

you only need three things to turn a classic into a monster mag
1. lvl10 to elminate possible chops
2. intelliframe for trigger speed
3. pnuemag conversions to increase bps possible.

so like $80,$80 and around 125-200 depending if you do it yourself and what lpr you use.
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Pshh.... You should just buy my MicroEmag

Honestly, "upping" a Classic Mag to a ULE X-valve mag is just like selling a classic and buying a ULE, except that it costs more, takes longer, and you'll be left without a gun for a considerable amount of time in the middle.
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Clear thanks for the info

BAS, ive been lookin an lustin, its just what im looking for ! the p/f lft or rt is one of the things i want ( im gonna Qoad itan dont know which way i want the fed yet tho i know it isnt vert? as well as the r/t feature.
Unfortunatly finanacial reality means i cant buy it,,The wife iss outta work for 6 weeks ( hysterectomy ) she bought this classic and my p.b workshop is in one of the bedrooms ,, SHE IS A KEEPER !!
trying to think o sumthin to trade ya want a classic an some stufff, huh huh huh
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