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I have a 'phoon with a 15 round spring feed already. Now I am looking for that marker for the other hand. I have always been big on customizing my guns, firearm and paintball. I own a few Springfield 45's with custom grips and barrels. Stayed away from Glock because of low customizing potential. Then I finally picked one up and shot it. I was in love, now I primarily shoot my Glock. Now bringing it back to topic, I wonder if the Tag-8 will be like the Glock. It takes a while to catch on but after some time companies start figuring out that with so many of them out there the market is perfect for aftermarket items and work.

Sydarm= Looks great, customizing ability is high.
Limited by AIR valve design for efficiency, only 8 round capacity

Tag-8= Looks blocky, new on the market so no real aftermarket items yet,
At 24-30 shots per 12g seems efficient, quick magazine changes and
potential for extended mag's helps its 8 round limit.

By the way that ULE mag body could have been done up right to make the magazine sit on the body correctly. Once items are epoxied, that is what it looked like to me, they are pretty much on there for good.
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Don't get me wrong, I think that there'll never be much in the way of mods for the TIB8 because it doesn't need them, it's a great pistol. The only thing I'd like is a chest pack containing a warpfeed that has a magazine well that will reload mags when you snap them in

But in playing with a pistol instead of my Minimag or Pro-Carbine, I limit myself in firepower anyway, so personal preference is the only basis I really go by. I played with 2 3357's(the first pbgun with a reloadable 'magazine') for 10 years of my paintball life and took more welts because of it
but I just like the Sydarms over the TIB8.
The fact that the Sydarm I used had a benchmark 45 frame didn't hurt my high opinion of it a bit. I found it quite accurate and routinely got 20 shots off a 12g, with the last 2 or 3 in the 200-180range(From 260).

I'm actually more fond currently of my modded zeus, which can outfirepower any pistol I've ever come in contact with, but it lacks the durability and style of the Sydarm. I'd like to get 2, not to use 2 handed but to switch back and forth for efficiency's sake.
The guy I work with, that has a TIB8, prefers his tippmann98 or his shocker, so I may get to play some woodsball with it soon and may change my vote, who knows?

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