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Automag sear difference

I'm new to the automag world, but im trying my hardest to learn everything i can. I think I may of caught a bug. Just picked up 2 different ule mag and I seen that they both have a different sear. One has the classic sear and the other the RT pro sear. Is there really a big difference between the two? Is it worth upgrading the rail and sear in the classic to the RT pro sear?
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The RTP sear is a bit smoother "in theory", but I love shooting classics with the cf frame just as much as my RTP with an M86 frame.

So for me, that one is almost purely cosmetic. Stick with what has the most visual appeal, but definitely use an RT on/off in your classic valves.
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I can't feel a difference between shooting the two. I do prefer the RT sear because it uses a screw instead of a pin, so when you're taking the marker apart, you don't have to worry about the sear falling out. But otherwise I don't think there's a functional difference.
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I haven't noticed a practical difference either. The two mags I have shot the most are classic rails, with different valves, bolts, on/offs, and frames. I have a couple of RT rail mags also. Even when playing with a reactive trigger, I haven't noticed a difference.

I did expect some small difference, but someone would have to suggest what it might be, as I can't think of a possibility.
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