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Favorite old school 'mag barrel?

So I'm looking at picking up a period correct style barrel for a classic mag. So far I'm considering dye stainless, PMI perfect bore, J&J ceramic, Lapco, and perhaps even the crown point barrel.

Any thoughts on which would be better with small paint or just in general? I'm hoping that the bore size isn't as critical being a open bolt gun.
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As far as what we now consider small paint, .670's- .682ish, few, if any, of the popular twistlock barrels were made for it in the 90's. Paint, in general, was larger then, so barrels in .690-.693 are kind of the norm. Lapco did make the stainless 'Autospirit' in a smaller bore size than their standard 'Bigshot', but that was .686 I think. I had one and unfortunately the bore was too small for my Lvl 10 bolt to clear and it would jam in the barrel! Smart Parts also offered their All American in 'small/medium/large' bore sizes at least by '95 or '96. However, I doubt the 'small' size was less than .686. Opinions on barrel size, underbore, matchbore, overbore, etc, are a dime a dozen. With Automags I've seen first hand, and read enough research, that my paint quality and eviornmental factors will effect my overall accuracy more than whether I used a .685 or .689. With pumps and cockers this is more important, but mags.. not so much in my opinion. I run a .687 or .689 and am only concerned that the bore is clean.

As far as favorite period correct, depends. The SP All American, and the DYE Stainless stand out in my memory from '94-'97ish as the top dogs of all barrels, though this might have been good marketing! Stainless barrels in general were a big deal, and SS was touted as the superior barrel material. Even SP eventually released the AA in stainless to compete with the DYE SS. However, by the last few years of the 90's, the mixed stainless/ aluminum DYE Boomstick was emerged as the absolute pinnacle of barrels, and cost a good chunk more than any other barrel including the DYE SS. I remember the PMI Perfect Bore barrels making a big splash at that time too. By the early 00's, all aluminum one piece barrels seemed to dominate again, with stainless steel falling out of style forever. Then of course, the SP Freak barrel kit came out and pretty much changed the aftermarket barrel industry forever, or at least the marketing of it.

Having used most of the popular period twistlock barrels, except J&J for some reason, I still prefer the DYE stainless, PMI Perfect Bore aluminum, or SP All American on my mags. That being said, if the bore is a mirror finish, then it probably won't matter much what brand it is. I even had a 14in DYE SS barrel in my glove box as a makeshift club for a few years! It just seemed a shame to get rid of such a nice, shiny piece of steel.
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A stubby Armson. I know, I know...but it shot great for me.
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Dye aluminum. Great shooting barrel.
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Originally Posted by russc View Post
A stubby Armson. I know, I know...but it shot great for me.
My splash Z-Mag had an Armson barrel, thing shot tits all day. I know I know rifling doesn't work but those barrels are still awesome.
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Dye stainless or the first gen armson stealth barrels. Of course with today’s paint it’ll be roll out city.
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16" All American.
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My absolute favorite old school barrel for a Mag was a Stainless LAPCO AUTOSPIRIT for a long time that was my go to barrel. It weighs most likely as much as the Mag itself but coming from brass guns it never bothered me too much. Now that I'm resurrecting my mags and playing with them again I regret letting that Autospirit go, don't even remember selling it. It could be it is in one of my teammates paintball bag, I should ask.

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back in the mid 90's where I played if you had money it was an Armson, if you were like me and lived paycheck to paycheck you scrimped and saved and bought a Smart Parts. I always preferred the quieter SP to the Armson anyway.
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nowdays I like the J&J 2 piece more than most it seems. it all depends on the paint you get that day.
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