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I have an ANS back with slots for ports you can have. If it's not indexed, it still has a ton of port area. I think it is gutless tho.

The mag reg usually runs around 450 psi with the classic bolt. As you devolumize, the pressure must go up. If you devolumize far enough, the shot pressure goes up to around 650 psi, which pops the relief valve in the reg piston, so that's a limitation. Higher pressure CO2 has larger pressure swings and temperature effects during regulation and firing; the lower consistency can be a little aggravating.

I would start with the stab at 750 + psi, aiming for 550 + psi.

Also, barrel length starts to play into the efficiency, so if you are looking for more efficiency, keep the barrel length reasonable (12-14"). Minimag barrels will need more gas and pressure, being less efficient. A 14" all american will need less gas and pressure, and be more efficient than the minimag barrel.
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Thank you, Spider!

I was hoping to set the sidecar Stabilizer at ~800psi, figuring from what I have read that the Mag-Reg would be at it's highest around 500psi.

Between the vertical tank and tiny brass microline, the CO2 should be well past deciding which state of matter it "wants" to be in by the time it gets to the sidecar Stabilizer.

I don't plan on shooting this fast, never been heavy in the trigger, and it's why shootdown hasn't been brought up... because I don't care about shootdown at 1bps with a springfeed. I just don't.

So there is little to no room between the sidecar Stabilizer and a severely devolumized engine for the CO2 to ever liquidize. I think.

I'm hoping to use a 16" barrel so that XL Freak inserts are behind the porting. 12-14" isn't unreasonable, though, if it means better performance from the valve end, it just means a shorter springfeed to keep them flush.
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