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Originally Posted by Trbo323 View Post
Also, I don't think that is a foamie you have there. The agd ones are kind of triangle shaped not a cylinder

Here they are

And for future reference, everything I've heard is that the agd page is still a good place to order from. I have not yet myself though

I can understand the confusion, but ANS venturi bolts use a foamie, just not one like the AGD foamie bolts... and they're likely not available anymore.

AGD guns need AGD parts.... aftermarket components often cause more issues than they solve.
Originally Posted by magmoormaster View Post
I just like being pedantic.

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Doc's mag-to-cocker barrel adapter took my chopping from unusable paint blender down to a playable level. I found that even a double-detent twistlock barrel still allowed paint to roll forward, and then the next ball in the stack would drop and get clipped. Doc's adapter uses two Spyder detents that worked much better with small paint.

I really like the twistlock design, but unfortunately there's no good way to adapt one for shrinking paint since you can't get a Freak insert back into the "chamber" where you need it to prevent rolling.

And it's probably just me--I got a level 10 bolt from AGD, but I cannot get the thing tuned to save my life.
Originally Posted by oldschool View Post
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It looked like he has a tac one body with the vertical feed,Axel.
Yes it looked like rollback city in there
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Originally Posted by Axel View Post

And it's probably just me--I got a level 10 bolt from AGD, but I cannot get the thing tuned to save my life.
What issues are you having?

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Originally Posted by Axel View Post
And it's probably just me--I got a level 10 bolt from AGD, but I cannot get the thing tuned to save my life.

It's not just you. Between them already being a bit of an art to get right, there have been o ring issues since the old stuff. My understanding is that there is a better ring provider been procured and that the spacers are much more reliable now.

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Originally Posted by autococker04 View Post
Question 1 : Is the thing on this bolt tip a "foamie?"
-Yes. The ANS bolts came with two extras back in the day, and I still have one glued to the similarly cupped nose of my Equalizer bolt.

Question 2 : Is this ball sitting too far back in the breech? it seems like it is to me, and from what I've read that is a major source of chops.
-Yes, on both counts. Ideally, the ball should be as close to directly in line with the feed neck as possible. I'm not sure that ever actually happens with a 'Mag, but when well set up, it's a lot closer than you show.

As noted above, if the ball is too far back, the bolt clips the second ball in line, often cracking the shell, which then of course explodes when you try to shoot it.

Question 3 : If that isn't a foamie, would getting one help? And if so, does the AGD site still work, if not, where do I get them?
-The first thing you should do is get rid of the ANS bolt. It adds nothing to accuracy, efficiency or performance- and worse, the rim isn't anywhere near has hard and durable as a factory bolt, and if it's not already badly worn, it will be before too long.

A factory Level 7 bolt will go a long way towards reducing your chopping issue. A Level 10 would do even better, but as the others have said, they can be fiddly to set up.

(Although it's worth noting you can set it up 'loose', which doesn't give you as much protection against an actual pinched ball, but you still get the slow initial movement of the bolt, which greatly reduces the "second ball crack" issue. And it's a lot less fussy.)

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Lvl7 longnose bolt should fix you up quick. Lvl 10 once you get it set will be even better plus if I remember correctly the lvl 10 bolt is half the weight of the lvl 7 so felt recoil will be reduced too.
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Originally Posted by punkncat View Post
I personally don't use L10 because it's inefficient, gimmicky, expensive, and mostly just troublesome to be worthwhile on truly brittle paint.

I will make a believer of you yet.
I have 30+ mags and less than a handful have level 7’s
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The beauty of the Automag is that when you get it set up just how you want it, you discover that you have enough leftover parts to build 2 loaners.

Originally Posted by Bored383 View Post
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Originally Posted by b-cuzz View Post
Not an expert here, but my .02 would be (if you haven't already done so) to use a cheaper grade of paint. Mags without the Level 10 are not gentle to paint. Mind you, I buy from the shop, not the field, but just ask for the least brittle, non tourney-grade stuff, and it should help.
Please. Any standard mid grade premium paint should be fine for a level 7

Anyone ever remember rps premium gold? That **** was brittle and the only paint to brake in my lvl7. Except for maybe hellfire, which I also shot pretty damn reliably. But still, nothing beat rps standard premium for me...
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