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Location: Chicago area

My pride and joy:

Name:  E-mag 04.jpg
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Size:  94.2 KB

Most of the "Ion / G3 / Mini kids" have no clue what it is...
Always play with honor.

"If the person on the other end of your gun does not walk away from the game eagerly anticipating the next game because of your actions, you have failed as a paintballer."
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My mags: Top one is an old Classic that was a rental at one of the fields around here many years ago. Friend of mine asked me to get it fixed, and then before he moved away gave it to me, said he had enough guns and thought I would do the best caring for it.

Second is a bit of an update of my ULE RT Pro X, picked up from RussC here. Its awaiting its Toxic rail, and then I'll get to slap on that UMF frame. Aside from the dust freak tip, she'll be pretty much just as I want her.

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newest addition to my mag family.

2nd pmag i own now, i love them.

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well i think it is time to show off my "Tommy Mag" made by Pillage

and one of my micros

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After ---- I'm calling it Classical Tactical Mag

Nice and solid block of 6061 for a grip, few more things to do still, might lose the grip who knows...
Think it needs something like a T2W grip mount gas through.
Sgt. Hollywood's feedback

Mini collection
Old School VM68 Mag with PPS Stab, dual bottle (rear and slant. Ported valve and Starfire Bolt (alum), tweaked springs & Lapco Cocker adapter.
Pneumatic Design Storm Oddball marker but fairly accurate.
Phantom 6",11 & 14"" DanW .45 Grips SC hori feed now VSC, Shoed up.
PGP Blinging, Classic AutoMag (mini) "Tactical" custom,
Trracer Rifle in the works, 2k+VF WGP cocker, 2 Trilly Pump "Sniper" conversions, 3 Trracers

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Location: St.Catharines Ontario Canada

Aug. 15, 2009 "Black Reign" Wasaga Beach Paintball.

2 coats on and still 8 more coats (at least) of oil to be applied
& triggerguard installed
There are 2 classifications of Terrorist,
1) Dead
2)Not Dead Enough
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Nothing Special, but all I need.

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Newest Addition to the "Familia"

"Why don't you knock it off with them negative waves? Why don't you say something righteous and hopeful for a change?"

"Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt." Abraham Lincoln
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Five four three two one
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Here she is, all dressed up..

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Location: RI

my omags old and new

in order from oldest to newest

minimag with eclipse splash kit no longer mine traded to sean chip
noxx mag rifle traded to my friend
and my pink beauty still mine and planning on it staying that way

Originally Posted by Looper View Post
Are you allowed to use a warp on an SP-1... won't they revoke your man card...

My Markers:
pre 2K R feed sniper 2
Open class Sterling
Tippmann A5 stealth
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