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Just got it back from Bazooka boy. gonna play around with a couple more black accents but its mostly done.

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My Medic Mag

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my tacs
Armament: AGD E-mag / AGD Tac-one / AGD Pump-mag / ZGP .94

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finally got a sydarm
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Updated pictures, she is not done yet, but hopefully soon.
Attached Images
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I bought this minimag on ebay a few years ago for $120.00 shipped. It came with most of the splash stuff and the xvalve and a two finger benchmark frame. It isn't the prettiest out there but it shoots sweet!
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My AGD with Z-Frame & Freak Back :

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That's a great deal for $120, all I see for sale cheap now is hopper left bodies, can't stand them.

Here's my ugly thing with a new tank and adjustable reg, it rt'd alright at 800psi, should do great at 1000+ just got it setup today, hopefully test it tomorrow.

Edit- don't know what made me think of this, but where do I put the oil now? The top QD doesn't come apart unless I remove the valve too...either gotta rig up an on/off with disconnect on the bottom line or just run a long stainless line and bypass the grip.

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Thisis my first home Ano and body hack and slash job

This is it for this one for now.
I need to get some more Ano stripper to re-strip the frame. But I'll be playing with it for now. And I need to get some more black macroline fittings for it as well.
And I need some sexier grips.
The close up shows how I cut the front of the body to follow the contour of the rail.

Close up by markwhensley, on Flickr

Tac one by markwhensley, on Flickr

Taco one by markwhensley, on Flickr
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