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I wanted to make something as stubby and compact as I could while still being basically a normal automag (hence the 9" barrel and the ludicrous out of style drop forward hehe). The picture does not quite give justice I think to how short it is.

Purple and gold, that's royal colors, right? Pity a picture never brings out the sparklyness of powder coating. Try to imagine it!

Other things of note: ripper style body and rail, 9" FLASC barrel with its wirecutter tip, x-valve and level 10 bolt, the Ninja tank has a SHP reg on it. The foregrip... it's a solid ball of 6061 aluminum. Heh. Not much technology involved in THAT, but its definitely not something you see every day.

Thoughts and suggestions? I consider it complete, but there can always be more done...

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last weekend with the local mag guys/gals

feedback here -
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Stock class=the only way
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Originally Posted by tjd10684 View Post
It "feels" nice when you touch it
Originally Posted by Loguzzzzzz View Post
Every hole costs money
Vertebrae autococker
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Mostly done, I do want to get the frame and valve done in dust black though

Built on a horrible clone micro, but has held up surprisingly well

Current Project: MicroXmag?
Got a micro barrel for it, will be doing a lot of work on the foregrip, and still deciding on the final frame

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I think she is finally done. The last additions were the red dot, X valve and angled foregrip! Super light and balanced!

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Originally Posted by DashHopes View Post
Welcome back buddy! And GanonsGrin is your brother? He is the devil
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Tossed a splash kit on my new sydarm.

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A great thank for Stephen (Caustic Customs Anodizing) and Lukes Customs

for their patience,service and good work!


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