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Need a little help

My brother snapped the fitting in his valve. Is there any way to get it out other than tapping it?

Thanks guys.
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Here you go The Art of Extraction
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The only way I could thin of snapping an air fitting like that is over tightening like mad.

If so, I don't think the extraction will work.

Looks like a good amount of swearing and throwing tools in your future.
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A new valve front might be the easiest route. There's a thread on AO now, I think, that has gutted valve fronts/backs. Just to open up your options, you know?

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Is the broken fitting brass ? If so you might be able to solder another piece of brass inside of it so you can unscrew it.
Or drill and tap it for a fine thread bolt, then put red locktite on the bolt screw it in and let it cure overnite,the next day use the bolt to unscrew it.
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try tapping it out with a punch. just be careful to not bugger up the threads. You basically want to push it in a turning out motion.

Or, JBweld some cheap hex key in there, let it dry 24 hours, and unscrew.
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i am not responsible for any damages caused....

get a flat head screw driver or a hole punch of something small enough to stick in the fitting hole. Stick your tool in the hole at a angle and apply pressure into the side of the fitting. try to unscrew it.

another idea is to jb weld something into the fitting and then try to unscrew it using whatever your welding in... a nail?
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Use a screw extractor. Available at any hardware or automotive store. They are purpose-built and work great, as long as you don't get the revs on the drill too fast for it to bite.
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Screw extractor is the way to go. GL buddy
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If you dont want to do it yourself open your Yellow Pages and look for a Mechine shop in your area. They will get it out for a small fee.
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