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Cut, cocker thread and freak bore my fixed barrel Nelson

As the title says,
I'm looking for some one to cut of the fixed barrel bore it for freak incerts and the tap the body and barrel with cocker threading ... Some one did it to one of the rental Nelson's Titus was selling off awile back... Can't find the thread though
Can anyone help me out?

Thanks in advance,

Oh yeah, and if you are in Canada even better!
"If life gives you lemons you say F@#k the lemons and bail"

IF you have every done buisness with me could i bug you for a little feedback?... I allways forget to ask
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That was me... The thread was "already molesting" something or another.


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Great work Alpha, did you ever finish it all? And as soon as I get some money Iʻm getting me a 007 from Titus and throwing whatever fits on there!
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I've got about a dozen cocker threaded nellies now... Anything unibody can go. Spyders can be rethreaded. Trracers can be rethreaded. A bushmaster can be threaded. Etc.

Titus' gun is waiting on some woodwork... I thought the square handle and grips would look great in hardwood. Same shapes, though.
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