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Installing Detent on Sterling Bronze

For an overview of the marker atm, see:

I want to get a detent system of some kind installed on my Sterling. Initially a was thinking a standard ball/spring type Autococker detent. Now I'm thinking a Spyder style detent and detent cover might be easier/cheaper to machine. A wire detent seems like it would require the most amount of work.

What is the most practical kind of detent, of those I've mentioned as well as any I haven't thought of?

And, more importantly, who would be willing to do this work? Estimated cost(s) involved in getting a detent/anti-double feed system installed on my R/F Sterling?
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An autococker detent is the most simple to do from a machinist standpoint (its a drill, chamfer, tap, all standard stuff)

An ego/spyder detent is easy to do too, but making a cover (a pretty/pleasing) is going to be time consuming

Wire detents are not too terrible, its milling a straight line, goin thru in a section, then a drill/cham/tap

i cant open the link (crappy work computer) but thats the machining standpoint.

finding a loaction to put it may be an entirely different game
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The driver's/left side of the marker is suitable for a detent - the upper bore has a flat side. Same deal as a pre-99 R/F autococker body (I actually have such a body, and it also does not have a detent).

Assuming I supply the autococker detent, how much do you think this would cost? Any suggestions as to who might be willing to do it? (keep in mind I live in the Southwest US.)

Thanks for the help!
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