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Need Someone to Build Me Custom Sheridan Body

I'm in the market for a custom Sheridan body. Concept centers on pump (not bolt) action long barreled pistol/"sniper rifle" using a K-Frame instead of a KP/Hurc-type stock, firing FSRs loaded individually by hand. Exciting, no?

The idea for this build is to make a long barreled Sheridan FSR pistol/rifle. There won't be any feed tube or neck. The upper tube must be machined to accept FSRs. It will run off unregulated 12gs, not CA.

Specifics for the body's build include the following:
-Enlarged valve output hole to increase flow;
-Able to accept standard Sheridan type K-Frame;
-Polished raw exterior (so that it'll age into a nice patina);
-Cut out upper tube to accept FSRs (loaded by hand)****;
-Fully body Sheridan valve/bolt (not short rim fire PGP) design;
-Quick strip slot cutout (not PPS style ultra quick strip, just the slot);
-Fully threaded upper tube to accept Autococker type barrels* ** ***;
-Standard dovetail type sight rail, located forward of hand loading FSR port (permanently attached to body;
-Cutout in lower tube for quick 12g removal (cut out on bottom of body so the 12g will literally drop out and fall down when changing);
-No requirement as to length of lower tube where 12g is located, although I'd like the end of the fassst changer to sit flush once installed with the end of the barrel*****.

*If it's too expensive to have it A/C threaded (which I want so I can play around and find the ideal barrel length/bore/porting style to shoot FSRs), I'd like the body to include an 18" ported barrel with a .683, .684 or .685 bore.

**If 18" is too expensive, 16" is next best thing. Ideally I'd like the barrel's bore to be .684. In terms of porting, whether it's a 18" or 16" length barrel, I want 4" of porting (within that four inch section I want as much porting as possible).

***I also want the barrel honed as fine as possible. Up to a point, I'm happy to pay whatever it takes for this. That said, again, all this only applies if the A/C fully threaded barrel isn't an option.

****Obviously there will be no upper feed tube or feed neck, just a hole cut in the top tube (the one composed of barrel, behind which the bolt's located) cut to accept FSRs. Prefer port for hand loading FSRs to be located on the right handed shooter's driver side.

*****If this isn't possible, not the end of the world. Next best option as far as I'm concerned would be for the lower tube to sit flush with end of barrel without fassst changer installed. And if that isn't an option either, I'm happy with whatever is necessary in terms of the length of lower tube. Can't be too picky I guess

I want to base this build around my new-to-me K-frame. The following are a list of parts I'll be using. Of course, I'll cover/install all parts not integral to the body's build or permanently fixed to the body itself, all of which I will installed myself. These will include my:
-Stock hammer;
-Red Celanis bolt;
-Three point sling;
-PPS Fassst Changer;
-Autococker threaded barrel;
-Performance tune + dyna valve;
-Raised sight rail (again prefer weaver);
-Raincover or mock silencer around 6" long or large muzzle break;
-Polished raw brass pump rod of appropriate length (again to patina w/ body);
-High quality adjustable sight system (red dot and non-electronic depending on conditions);
-Short length BOS pump handle (might end up using long 6"+ pump handle, although I do love that my BOS handle hold an extra 12g...);&
-Whatever else misc stuff, screws and o-rings/gaskets I've left out that aren't integral or permanently installed in the body's design.

This will be my Sniper Rifle (or long barreled pistol or whatever). I've been dreaming of this type of Sheridan build for a long time. After playing around with a lot of other Sheridans, with stocks, 45 frames, stock frames and k-frames, I've concluded that this, as described, is my perfect build. This new-to-me K-Frame has really inspired me and I can't help but think it will look sick on a long barreled Sheridan!

Would anyone do this for $100-150? Of course, given the custom nature of this build the Price is OBO. Although I'm not at all loaded, actually I'm pretty ****ing broke, I'll pay whatever it takes to get this done.

Whomever is willing to take me up on this offer, whomever has the balls enough to make my fantasy my reality, well, I'll forever be in your debt (I do however draw the line at sexual favors unless you're a rich, beautiful, college grad hipster chick from New England - in that case sexual favors are DEFINITELY on the table!).

But seriously, thank you for reading all this. To whomever ends up creating this for me, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your skill, wisdom, time and help!

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talk to TyMcNeer or chplnstone about this.
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Ty's the man! He built me a long barreled spring fed gun over Christmas:

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