AirStar Nova For Airstar/PGI/WarMachine Paintball guns. Nova's and all related markers.

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WOW! I always thought it would be a project to just put a decent frame on a Mayhem, you certainly have your work cut out for you! Good luck!
Steve Shuey, Team Crimson Reign
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well I got 30 minutes last night to take these apart, (sorry the kid had my camera) cleaned them with a brush and got 90% of the slime out of the reg( if that is what it is, back of the marker where the hoses go into it), it looked like water and oil kind of slimy. since most regs like grease over oil I put some hater on all the rings and moving parts. I put it back together and tried a few dry shots off and the response improved 100%, got out the chrono first shot was 180, figured ok turn up the pressure and cycled a few times to even it out over the chrono again and 180......... I think i need to rebuildthe inline reg now haha. so I said screw it I changed the barrel out from a pos stock spyder to my stiffi took aim at a dumpster 70 yards away fully expecting it to hit the ground long before it reached it and to my surprise it hit about 1 foot below where I was aiming, thinking ok it was the stiffi i replaced the barrel with the stock spyder one took aim again and wouldnt you know it, I got a hit at the base of the dumpster. so while the stiffi helped it is also the marker. I have never had something shooting 180 reach 70 yards, this could get very interesting.

but I did figure out I will need new detents and springs for good measure

so any suggestions on color schemes for these two beasts?
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