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nova leak

i just got my first nova 700 the other day, and when i gased it up it hads a leak that sounds like it is comming from around the trigger. any ideas on how i can fix the problum.

thanks noah
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We'll need to know exactly where it's leaking from. Spray the area with soap to see where it's leaking. There are a couple of different o-rings around the trigger that could be leaking.
Also check the faq for more information.
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Could be any number of orings inside the gun causing the problem.Could be the relief valve venting if the gun is over pressurized.Back the reg screw out all the way to see if this is the case.Or you can just take out the snap ring and remove the regulator piston and spring.Could also be the big orings that seal the reg body to the gun body. Either way if you decide to rebuild it I have all the orings you need.
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