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Dougefreshe 02-01-2013 11:51 PM

Mayhem help
I think after reading all the info on here
I think i have an early v1 mech mayhem. Spyder thread
It cycles but no velocity.

poppit only has 1 oring. The one that contacts the bolt.
What size would the back one be.

In the manual it shows what looks to be a giant oring not numbered next to the main spring. Do i need one ?

It has what looks to be a small metal sleeve on the bolt. ?

And lastly ( for now) the body seperates slightly after airing up. See pics
I moved to left feed thinking maybe the screw set was loose or something on the centerfeed.

Maj Tom 02-02-2013 07:01 AM

It's an old field rental Mayhem (aka F.R.O.G). I'll dig mine out of the closet and get some measurements in a bit.

Delrin poppets have a 110 o-ring on it
As for the large oring, it is in the wrong location in the manual. It goes behind the bolt as a bumper when the bolt slams back into the valve body. If you swap the bolt or valve body oring just toss the old one in there for a bumper.

The bodies do separate a bit when you air up since there's only one anchor point for the breach.

bacci paintball 02-06-2013 05:25 PM

I call these FROGs but according to Scott Kobayashi, who worked for Leon, the Frog was another project. I think Scott described the FROG as an aluminum block gun which did sound like it may have evolved into this. I did a video interview with Scott in december when I saw him at Leon's old field.
I believe they came after the Mayhem since they use Mayhem et (electronic trigger) bodies.
They are rad guns and besides the lot of them I acquired I have only seen one other besides yours. They all seem to have the same series of rental number engraved in the frame. I would say there were likely 50-100 made.
Hope that helps,

Dougefreshe 02-06-2013 08:19 PM

Thanks for the info.I was wondering about the et and it being mech.

When i aired it up i had i close to listen for a leak and for some reason pulled the trigger and got a nice shot of air in the face from the blow hole in the backend of the gun.

Now i have to figure out why it doesnt have any velocity.

more likely let it sit for a while so i will forget how much i payed when i sell it for a loss.
One good thing about being old it wont take long.

Can you tell from this pic if anything is missing. Also on the far left of the trigger group there is a small black piece with 1 o ring that looks like it had a piece broken. Sorry for the poor explanation.
That is one sweet feedneck.

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