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Does the Merlin valve require a heavy hammer spring to open?

I'm having trouble getting the springs right on my Merlin. My goal is to use a lighter hammer spring for a lighter trigger pull. A relatively heavy hammer spring has to be used to get up to 300fps when the reg is sweetspotted. It seems to prefer a certain weight hammer spring, no matter what valve spring is installed. I've never really ran into this problem when tuning autocockers. I've read that the pressure behind the valve has much more of an effect on how easily the valve opens than the weight of the valve spring itself. I've also noticed that the face seal on the valve stem is larger than most autocockers. I'm guessing the larger diameter of the stem has more surface area for the pressure to act upon, making it harder for lighter springs to open the valve enough to reach field velocities. I realize the weight of the hammer and cocking rod also play a part in this. It currently has all AKA parts, and the hammer is relatively light.

Any thoughts? I'm curious as to other peoples experience with spring'ing Merlins. All advice is welcome and appreciated.

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I figured I should update this in case anyone ever has this same experience. I talked to Lurker about this problem. He explained to me that the Tornado valve is unique because it will generate its own closing force during a portion of it's cycle (more than a normal valve). This is because the 'fingers' on the cup seal catch the air moving into the valve. Since the valve basically closes itself, a very light valve spring can be used. It also means that a certain hammer spring will be needed no matter the weight of the valve spring. Lurker added that the 'finger' could be removed from the Tornado valve and it would act similar to a normal autococker valve.

I first tried a CCM valve spring (lightest) with a blue main spring and was able to get it to shoot properly. I ended with a Shocktech valve spring (2nd lightest) and the same blue hammer spring. This is using a polished AKA hammer kit with the hammer spring set to the lightest tension.

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My experience has been that they are designed for low operating pressure..not so much for light mainsprings. My merlins used a little stiffer mainspring than my non merlins. If your curious about trying new things... A Palmer valve for the trilogy autococker should fit the merlin. The normal pps lt valve let me use the lightest springs without farting in my cockers and snipers. I bet the trilogy valve is basically the same.
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