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  1. One off Brass pump handle and/or brass grips.
  2. Dual 12grams?
  3. Who is interested in doing a bit of work on a lathe?
  4. Looking for full stock+lever conversion on KP
  5. Who's currently taking work for freak boring?
  6. Looking for someone to give a overall tune on a P68AT
  7. Freak XL boring?
  8. WGP feeneck mod and AC threaded CCI barrel
  9. Custom Aluminum Pump Handle
  10. Who is still doing Ego Feed neck mods?
  11. Freak Boring
  12. Converting stock barrel into tip
  13. A new more affordable slider frame. The Mozak Machine 45 Thin Slider Frame
  14. Brass Autococker Pump Rods
  15. Ccm 45 frame modification to allow 3 way
  16. More mill questions
  17. Recommendation on t-slot cutter?
  18. Ghost Flanker’s Automag MFG Mod - Place orders here
  19. Help with 3 projects
  20. Old Max-Flo rail
  21. Need some machine work done on an R7
  22. Freak boring for proprietary Sterling-threaded barre
  23. Freak Boring for old brass
  24. Mini cocker adapter
  25. Anyone doing freak boring on Stainless barrels?
  26. Need PGP and PMI-I parts and/or servicing
  27. Is anyone doing coating anymore?
  28. Need a part made
  29. O ring groove dimensions
  30. Havoc question
  31. moved to correct forum! sorry
  32. Bt tm7/ invert mini air issues
  33. Need some ANS X5 milling
  34. warp left feed conversion for gog enemy: machinist needed
  35. Need Nelspot 007 milled for freak inserts
  36. SP8 replacement feedneck and Crossman 3357 cylinder
  37. Anyone still doing Loudeners?
  38. Any one bore barrels for freaks local to Toronto?
  39. Looking for Barrel Rethreading
  40. Need to know who can make these and how much
  41. Need advice on removing seal plug
  42. LF 3D Printing or Metal work
  43. Boring for inserts. Help
  44. Need this exact hammer made who can help?
  45. Looking for some barrels freak bored
  46. Anyone in here still doing custom milling orders?
  47. Barrel rethread for SL68-2 request
  48. 2k2 milling requested
  49. Trilogy feedneck
  50. Delrin Rod for Cocker Bolt?
  51. EM1 to cocker LPR tapping
  52. airfolks....help me straighten this out please
  53. another air question
  54. 88 gram and 2x12 co2 help needed!
  55. GOG Enmey feedneck threading?
  56. Thoughts on a mill/drill...
  57. Who is doing Anodizing these days ?
  58. Using a lower tube for air supply?
  59. PGP phantom threaded hopper accepting upper
  60. Looking for someone to Mill a Mag Slug
  61. Sheridan Cocker frame adapter and barrel work
  62. Need small piece made, 98 custom bolt cocking hole cover in aluminum
  63. Looking for a fore-grip / volumizer
  64. Sterling pump handle
  65. Evil Ehm featherlite milling
  66. Dye DMC with trouble screwing in barrels
  67. Looking for a man with a CNC mill and some free time.
  68. Phantom barrel threads
  69. I need someone that can make a hardline or braided airline
  70. Freak Boring - who to go with?
  71. Need a small machine job done - barrel inserts
  72. 10 round tube mount
  73. Merlin Extrusion Pre-Order
  74. drilling and tapping
  75. Offering FREE work, need to build up my portfolio
  76. Looking for a machinist
  77. Line SI Bushmaster Unibody bore sleve
  78. Crossover Feedneck Adaptor Needed
  79. Tippmann SL-68II to Empire Sniper Spring Feed adapter
  80. KP2 work
  81. Curious about a quote-turning a K-Frame PMI-1 into a semi?
  82. Anyone work with G10/Micarta?
  83. VM-68 Delrin Hammer Mod?
  84. 2k5 Black Magic Sled
  85. Custom made Micrococker sled and bolt setup
  86. ICD mech left feed?
  87. Need barrels milled for Carter inserts
  88. Drilling/Tapping Services?
  89. Carter Buzzard Grub Screw Mod
  90. V2 DSP Feedblock
  91. Half block job
  92. Midblocking
  93. Twist Lock to Cocker thread + oring mod
  94. Machinist needed
  95. Need Someone to Make Tiberius A5 Thread Adapter
  96. Looking for a Paintball Machinist for a production run of ASAs
  97. custom brass kaner back- freak bored
  98. Jcurt
  99. PMI TagMaster rethreaded
  100. Vkc redux feed
  101. I need a metal guy
  102. Pgp2k1
  103. Autococker Pre2k to 2k banjo bolt conversion
  104. Bore out a lower tube
  105. Eclipse T-Slot
  106. autococker feedneck mods?
  107. need Puma valve seat and seal
  108. Loudener wanted
  109. Custom Brass barrel
  110. Custom off-center feedneck for modified Right feed Cocker Body
  111. KP work
  112. Looking for freak boring
  113. ACP Magazine on a TiPX?
  114. Fixing a cocker...
  115. Mag fed mags
  116. Any interest in Laser Engraving
  117. Looking for a machinist to make a back or 2
  118. Bevel for Carter MiniComp Barrel
  119. Barrel Conversion
  120. Getting an si lever changer to work on a phantom...
  121. Anyone do bead blasting?
  122. TPC for Avratech R7
  123. who's available for some machine work?
  124. anyone have time for some anodizing?
  125. Pre-2k Cocker Body - Right Feed to Stock Class Conversion
  126. Half block/mid blocking
  127. central california cnc machine
  128. Custom engraved Grips?
  129. Is anyone still doing Autococker bodies?
  130. Phantom Fluted Hammer?
  131. Freak Boring
  132. Trade Lots of Barrels for Some Machine Work
  133. Who can turn down a Lapco barrel for a Blazer
  134. ICD 'Cat needs a vet.
  135. delete nvm
  136. Barrel for Traccer/tagmaster wanted
  137. Custom pump handle?
  138. Brass Work
  139. Mechanical Inline Poppit
  140. Ronin Anodizing, now taking work.
  141. Wanted: Someone who can drill + tap a hammer
  142. OH GREAT AIRSMITHS OF MCB, I ask for a moment of your time
  143. Services offered
  144. T rail milling
  145. Is it possible to FreakBore a T68 Pistol?
  146. can anyone on here polish brass to a mirror finish?
  147. autococker needs drilling and tap for ccm pump
  148. Delete.
  149. Angel A1 rebuildable ram mod
  150. Autococker 97 style slide grip conversion to 98+
  151. Feedneck threading for an older vlm cocker
  152. Cerakoting interest?
  153. Anyone currently freak boring?
  154. Milling a classic cocker body for wire detent
  155. Four lead multi start threads
  156. Idea for new T68 Magazine
  157. Homemade Tormach Tool Setter, with the help of Ty
  158. Half block/Mid block milling
  159. Project Ideas
  160. custom milling needed
  161. Rethread old pump body
  162. Ripper milling on a cocker
  163. please delete
  164. pump handle
  165. single point threads
  166. Milling a VLM body?
  167. Re-threading Trracer/Maverick Breech
  168. Custom T4 barrel
  169. Milling "down" a Spyder Freak barrel to fit a LAPCO Grey Ghost Pump.
  170. Can anyone make a small threaded part with metric threads
  171. Vibe Breech cut and Threaded for Ion Can.
  172. Tormach Machining Videos
  173. Tormach up and running
  174. Rethread Mag barrel to Cocker
  175. simple brass gas-through grip (sort of)
  176. Who can make me a freak back?
  177. Milsig mag speedwinder and speedloader parts
  178. Autococker work
  179. Quote for Scepter Inserts...
  180. Looking for a simple piece (I think)
  181. Machinists, ASSEMBLE!! I need a custom Spyder front block.
  182. Who wants to make lever locks for CCM feednecks?
  183. Delete, found someone
  184. Looking to get a Part Made...
  185. Can anyone make Dye Airport Knobs from aluminium?
  186. Autococker Timing
  187. Re threading?
  188. Phantom Freak Boring
  189. looking for a quote for some brass work
  190. I need someone to make me a grip frame...
  191. In need of having some things made.
  192. fix body threading
  193. Can someone Ano this for me?
  194. Cocker Threaded Cram n Jam?
  195. Half blocking
  196. autococker milling?
  197. Aluminium pump handle
  198. Need a feedneck re threaded or adapter made
  199. Mag to Cocker barrel adapter
  200. GX-3 Stock Class Mods Needed
  201. Need a custom Pump Arm
  202. Freak threaded ultra light tip
  203. stingray barrel adapter
  204. looking to start halfblocking and mini-ing
  205. Evil M Body Milling
  206. DBC Anodizing Price List (Finally!)
  207. logic pneu frame mod
  208. Can anyone Replace my cocker upper tube with Brass?
  209. Retro 7 Undercocking kit
  210. Any airsmith willing to bore a stock t8 barrel?
  211. Brass freak front?
  212. Fishing for an estimate: ATS barrel adapter
  213. Bob long vice Pressure tester interest/head count
  214. Trilogy work
  215. Nightmare SB Comp Custom Work
  216. Feed plug for brass eagle nightmare
  217. Had some free time
  218. Rigidity of aluminum sheet
  219. anodizing of non-paintball related stuff
  220. need milling bids please
  221. Need an adapter made
  222. Laxpro69's Custom work thread
  223. Angel tech needed
  224. Dye UL 45 conversion from DM to pump
  225. Reverse countersink bit?
  226. Can anyone make this part out of aluminum?
  227. Polishing
  228. Custom Frame for Evil M?
  229. 18" havoc barrel
  230. Anyone able to rethread to soveriegn threads?
  231. Need some professional advice
  232. Ion Threading an Autococker (Need a Tap)
  233. Want small frame for Azodin KP
  234. Need a machinist!
  235. Need someoen to thread an Enmey breach
  236. Looking to a machinist in Virginia
  237. Helicoil repir of a shoebox?
  238. Mech. Pump arm help
  239. Can someone mill my proto?
  240. dye dam air in stock
  241. I need some mill work
  242. Hey there everyone!
  243. Angel Resto-mod, machinist with steady hand needed
  244. Where to buy a dye for freak front threads?
  245. Need work done on a spyder victor 08
  246. Phantom spring feed
  247. havoc rail system
  248. Picatinny to Picatinny rail mount
  249. Custom Phantom Vert ASA
  250. Dye ul barrel apex