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  1. I need one Sheridan stock.
  2. Two more ready to go..
  3. More progress,next set almost done..
  4. All future 12 gram seal orders will be a new color..
  5. The last five MadRifles are in the works
  6. Need help finding something. .
  7. Finished two more today. ..
  8. Still more progress, ..#8 and #9 of this run..
  9. More progress..
  10. Two more MadRifles completed today..
  11. More MadRifle progress..
  12. Finished MadRifles
  13. What the Hell?
  14. A good day and an update
  15. Did BigMatt-MadCustoms move on to other ventures?
  16. Shops closed till further notice..
  17. Mad Rifle Update?
  18. MadCustoms Marketplace
  19. I have one opening..MadRifle
  20. OK if your going to order a Madrifle look here..