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  1. Life is funny
  2. So where have I been
  3. Blackrain's Tacticool Draw string bag
  4. Lesson learned at Big Game
  5. LAPCO Mock Suppressor
  6. FOG DOC review
  7. Freak insert case
  8. Team Black Rain's new Jersey for SG44
  9. Our new Paint Grenade machine
  10. Picked up some new patches
  11. Blackrain's music list
  12. Thank You FoxxyFluff paintball
  13. This is why I like JT bags
  14. Sponsors for our 2012 season
  15. Team Black Rain would like to say Thank You
  16. I tested the HELL out of things today and beat the HELL out of them too
  17. The gear is ready
  18. This is Blackrain signing off for the next 48 hrs
  19. Multi Cam Team Jersey for Super Game 42
  20. Operation Toad
  21. I'm switching to a new style of play.
  22. So our new team Jerseys in the works
  23. Our new grenade filling machine
  24. Blackrain's Big Game Pictures
  25. Beginners budget and buying deals.
  26. First Look at my Whiskey Two Four Hoplite Vest
  27. Blackrain's Ramblings
  28. who are my sponsor
  29. Visit my sponsors sales thread
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  31. So let's do an experiment
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