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  1. Is there interest in me making DRV paintball cylinders?
  2. Dukie DSP Help
  3. Question about air leak on a drv
  4. DRV barrel length
  5. DSG and First Strike?
  6. Slow Motion Dukie Dsp Gen 1 action
  7. Tips on Shining or Decorating Delrin DSP Gen 1 slide.
  8. DRV low velocity
  9. Used my Thumper SC Feed on my DSP
  10. DRV Cylinders
  11. Stock for Tamer pistol grip
  12. Purging DSG parts in the dealers section
  13. DSG Feed Tube
  14. Reloading a DRV
  15. how to adjust velocity
  16. 2011 DSG gen ?
  17. The DRV-R
  18. DSG Cup seal o'ring
  19. My DRV Doodlings
  20. What 1911 sights did people buy for their V2 Dsp?
  21. DSG Leaked
  22. DSG O-Ring Kit
  23. DRV valve changes
  24. Dukie DSG Patch
  25. Replacement spring for feed tube?
  26. Do any one piece feeds fit on the v2 dsp slide?
  27. Do eigenbarrels fit in v2 dsp slides?
  28. How to destroy a DSG, and hopefully save it
  29. DRV Help
  30. New DSG owner questions
  31. DSG Value
  32. DRV Detent getting stuck
  33. DSG low velocity
  34. DSG 2nd gen shredding valve orings
  35. DSG trigger help
  36. Anyone rig their DSG for constant air?
  37. Looking for a Dukie DSG
  38. Buying a dsg
  39. Farewell To a Legend
  40. Dukie...I miss your work
  41. DSG breaking balls in feed tube.
  42. dsg not shooting above 200
  43. DSP V2 Barrel Covers
  44. DSG O'rings size list
  45. Low shot counton DSG.
  46. DSG short feed wanted
  47. need some advice!
  48. Low velocity issues
  49. DSG Short Feed Tube
  50. Most naive post I've ever made (Because it's a long shot). WTB a DRV.
  51. DSP shooting low
  52. DSG external velocity adjuster
  53. want a leather holster for my DRV
  54. Need help picking a barrel for a DRV
  55. Need help with 1st Gen DRV
  56. Post up your lever action!
  57. Dukie Lever Shooting Video
  58. Leak in DSP Air Through Frame
  59. DRV woes averted!
  60. DSG Spring
  61. The DRV and First Strike
  62. DSG barrel length?
  63. Surfing youtube
  64. 3rd Run DRV's
  65. Problem with my DSG
  66. DSG valve assembly oring keep slipping out
  67. Lever action phantom discussion
  68. Dukie's Raincover
  69. Magfed DSG?
  70. Interest in V2 DSP Right or Center feed?
  71. Hammer7 mods
  72. I think this may be a record
  73. Trying to PM you...
  74. Finicky DSG 12 gram changer
  75. Mounting a Sight on a DSG
  76. DRV Holsters, again. I did the research, no luck.
  77. Dukie DMAG bolt action rifle!!!!
  78. Wood Grips
  79. My solution to DRV vents 1st shot
  80. black friday sale
  81. DRV vents 12Gram 1st shot
  82. Spare parts sale!
  83. Questions for DRV owners
  84. DRV question
  85. Want to get rid of DRV, but it may need a fix first
  86. New DRV run!
  87. Has this been discussed for the DRV?
  88. Interested in DRV
  89. Looking for info on DSP V1
  90. DSP frame problems.
  91. Real steel adaptability
  92. looking for a drv
  93. Wha.... What's that smell of this place?
  94. Dukie interview!
  95. wish me luck
  96. DSG Sumer sale!!
  97. Priests DSG
  98. drv revolver
  99. Selling my dsg is my biggest regret in the paintball world
  100. DSG Leak barrel
  101. DLP (Dukie Lever Phantom) Interest Thread
  102. DSG in action, x2
  103. DRV Velocity question
  104. new DRV owner. questions here
  105. DSG leak, please help.
  106. Anyone have an extra DSG short feed?
  107. Dsp v2
  108. might need a slight adjustment
  109. DSP slide interest thread - who wants one?
  110. Interest Thread: Who would buy a 1/4-28 to 1/8NPT Adapter?
  111. New DSG owner!
  112. DSG - Paint Breaking in Feed Tube
  113. Marker for a General
  114. Weeeeeeeeeeee
  115. The DSG on display
  116. Where can I buy the valve seal
  117. DSP what am I missing?
  118. DSP slide question
  119. DSG waiting room?
  120. Trigger Issue
  121. 6th DSG run started
  122. Where do you use your DSG?
  123. Small Leak
  124. Slight leak
  125. :\ Pump chopping?
  126. my continuing DSG issue
  127. make some noise
  128. DSG internal parts list
  129. Anyone need a Gen3 Feed/Pump? Standard Length
  130. DSG Stock bolt / screw threads
  131. help dsp framed duckslide phantom auto triggering all the time
  132. Dukie and Mod approved Sticker pre-orders!
  133. DRV Work. Trying to get it to stop leaking so much.
  134. Blueprint parts list of Dukie guns
  135. Need help
  136. The Pirate DSG gets... UN-Pirated??
  137. Canadian Carnage
  138. DSG on HPA
  139. DSG Velocity adjuster issue
  140. DSG 12g efficiency
  141. new DSP slides delrin/aluminum
  142. New DRV's up for sale
  143. locations of L/R DSP slides and frames
  144. How has the DSP frame been to everyone?
  145. starting a 5th run of DSGs
  146. Issues with DSP trigger. Suggestions?
  147. has anyone tried....
  148. Anyone looking for a cheap scabbard?
  149. Dukie-approved DSG patch order
  150. wierd things
  151. mag fed phantom
  152. DSP slide feed hangs
  153. new DSP frame run
  154. Q: Is DSP Accuracy Affected? (A: No.)
  155. Interest in another run of DSP frames?
  156. DSP project
  157. What's next for Dukie? (everybody pile on!)
  158. selling off the extra DSP's
  159. wood handles for the DRV
  160. what is the best barrel (scope, precision) for the DSG to you?
  161. DSG Barrel...
  162. Chainsaw mod for DSG
  163. DSG short mag and EVA for sale
  164. Anyone in the North East own a DSG?
  165. new run of DSG's
  166. Got Bored, DRV Mods And An Important Tip For Those With Indexing Issues
  167. 10" DSG feed and pump.
  168. Dundadun's Dukie Lever Gun + Wood and Brass
  169. DRV Help!
  170. DRV replacement valve (Now: Running on CA)
  171. DSG Battle Pump and other custom pump handles
  172. Two Tiny DSG Modifications
  173. Pierce Seal Problems
  174. Whoosh tips and 10" feeds
  175. Because I can never leave well enough alone...
  176. Dukie Slide Pump (DSP) - New Project
  177. DSG Tuning / Efficiency
  178. DRV Owners; Help!
  179. 2 3rd run DSG's left to sell
  180. DRV indexing question
  181. Anyone see one of these before?
  182. Fixed a Problem I Didn't Know Was a Problem...
  183. Help me to find my DSG
  184. DSG on Youtube
  185. New DRV Cylinders
  186. DLG: new look for an old gun, presenting the newest work from Dukie!
  187. DSG Valve alternatives
  188. Anyone got an old pump handle they'd let go of?
  189. I finally broke a part
  190. Pirate DSG- Work in Progress
  191. how in the $&$#?
  192. Score!
  193. Want a new stock ;)
  194. difference between the generation
  195. DSG for Dummies (or useful tips / tricks)
  196. DSG Velocity
  197. Dukie Patch
  198. DSG lower tube - Anyone got one i can borrow for a weekend? (So-cal)
  199. Having trouble getting DRVs to seal
  200. New DRV Video up on Youtube
  201. Stocks
  202. Gen 1 DSG Cupseals... what are they?
  203. Pb X3
  204. Double barrel DSG?!
  205. These are nice for the DSG guys
  206. Any used (in good condition) DRV's for sale?
  207. fixing up the old girl
  208. indexing issue?
  209. Pin Loose - DSG
  210. I Love you Dukie!!!!!!
  211. May be a long shot, but...China Lake?
  212. DSG length?
  213. DRV Circuit Judge?
  214. DSG Scabbard?
  215. DRV question
  216. Group Send-In for DSG Feedtube Modification
  217. 3rd DSG sales thread
  218. check it out as you read this!
  219. The Question you have to ask is.........
  220. Who owns what now? Marker ownership list.
  221. going from polished to dust black
  222. DRV Holsters
  223. DVR side plate spring question
  224. Lower Feedtube for DSG
  225. A few questions...
  226. That gun
  227. A New run of DRV cylinders
  228. Care packages sent
  229. cylinder orings
  230. So is a DSG supposed to be on the new Virtue Tshirt or is it just a coincidence
  231. The Slab-Sided DRV Shroud Concept
  232. Now HERE is a rig worthy of Dukie Machine awesomeness
  233. Video of the DRV
  234. new DRV springfeeds
  235. Who has re-sprung their DSG?
  236. Small indexing issue - DRV
  237. DSG Ver. 1 Shot count/Velocity Issues
  238. free loot ?
  239. Still fresh DRV, it's first two 12grams of paint, #0815
  240. DRV typical shot counts
  241. Looking for a picture of...
  242. The final 7 DRV's
  243. Just because...
  244. Overbore, Underbore, or Paint to Bore Match
  245. two DRV issues
  246. Pall doesn't retract all the way?
  247. DSG leaking out of bolt
  248. Non-DSG/DRV Custom Work
  249. First strikes
  250. DSG quick feed mod